Magellen HouseOur latest residential care home for adults with learning disabilities,  complex needs and associated challenging behaviour, Magellan House, is set to open in the coming weeks.

As our third service, Magellan House will build on the success of our two other services and extend our reach into the ancient market town of East Grinstead. We believe that by opening the new home in West Sussex – the location of our existing services – we are reinforcing our commitment to the region. And our aim is to continue strengthening our great reputation here.

Our work centres on offering individuals comprehensive support systems with dedicated, professional care teams, while our homes focus on being at the heart of community life. Magellan House is very much a fully connected service, with access to the local community and local public transport well within reach. Individuals will be encouraged to feel part of the community, with shops, community activities and groups, and specialist clubs all on their doorstep.

In keeping with the Pathway ethos, the home has been modelled to provide high quality accommodation in a modern setting with en suite facilities for every bedroom. This ensures residents have their own fully equipped personal space which they can personalise to their tastes and make their own.

A special feature of Magellen House is the clubhouse – a separate building at the rear of the garden, which offers residents a place to escape – somewhere they can relax, play and even create. It will feature sofas, games consoles and areas in which individuals can make arts and crafts.

The home’s manager is an experienced, award-winning carer with a great track record of helping individuals meet their full potential.

To find out more about this service and for referrals, please contact 0800 032 8594 or