volunteering with a learning disabilityWhen adults with learning disabilities volunteer in the community, it can prove very beneficial to their development. It gives them the chance to learn new skills, grow friendships and gain confidence. Helping them to enjoy a more fulfilled life.

Therefore, we should actively encourage people with learning disabilities to volunteer in the community. Not only because of the reasons above, but because it creates a world in which people of all abilities and disabilities are a working part of society, promoting social inclusion.

Where can you find volunteer roles for adults with a learning disabilities?

There are many organisations that provide the perfect opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to volunteer and learn new skills. They offer the right kinds of roles to suit abilities and they also provide the necessary support.

Mencap, a leading UK charity for people with a learning disability, has many volunteering opportunities on their website. The organisation is a registered member of the Disability Action Alliance’s Volunteer Charter, which promotes inclusivity in workplaces for volunteers with learning disabilities. To find out more about what support and volunteer opportunities they offer, visit their website.

Other places where adults with learning disabilities can find volunteer work or information about where to find volunteer work include:

  • BCVS offers internal vacancies and acts a brokerage service to link candidates with roles.
  • Bright helm offers various volunteer roles to help run a busy community centre.
  • Brighton and Hove Food Partnership a non-profit organisation that helps people to learn to cook, to eat a healthy diet, to grow their own food and to waste less food.
  • Cherry Orchid Garden Services is an organisation that runs a scheme for people with a learning disability that links learning and working to help people towards employment.
  • Grace Eyre helps people with learning disabilities in Sussex and Lambeth gain independence, obtain housing, find employment and join actives.
  • Volunteering Matters runs projects that support adults with learning disabilities to volunteer within their own community.
  • Volunteer Cornwall is a charity which offers a wide range of projects to promote active and engaged volunteers.
  • The Aldingbourne Trust helps adults with learning disabilities across Sussex find their place in the local community, through jobs, volunteer work and other activities